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Dio Deka Los Gatos, California

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  Dio Deka is the only Greek restaurant in the U.S. to be a Michelin Star Recipient and Michelin Star rated. It embraces the culture of filoxenia, the Greek word for traditional hospitality, in which a stranger (xenos) is instantly made a friend (filos) after being welcomed into one's home.
  Dio Deka's menu places an emphasis on Hellenic cuisine - a melding of Greek and Mediterranean influences - with healthy and seasonal fare such as fresh fish, high-quality meats, and sun-loving fruits and vegetables. Greek products - such as fish, cheeses, olive oil, oregano and thyme - scented honey - have a starring role on the menu. Dio Deka's extensive wine list features 1,500 labels spanning from affordable Greek, Spanish and Italian selections to California "cult" Cabernets, and rare Burgundy and Bordeaux. There are 30 selections offered by the glass.

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